The Nagyrét agricultural cooperative were founded in 2002.

The aim of the founderse were to organize trade of the locally produced agricultural products, to make it simpler/easier, faster and more profitable producing, storage and grain drying for the inhibitos of Doroszló and the surrounding.

The Nagyrét agricultral cooperative organizes grain and pig integration on more than 3000 ha area.

The Topigs Norsvin AiM Doroslovo corporation were founded in 2015 with the Topigs Norsvin Danubuia Hungary Ltd. which is the leading producer and developper in swine genetic in the regon.

Owing to the partnership, Serbia achieves progress in swine genetic, since the level of genetic were on low, which is succesfuly improved/upgraded by their high level genetic. 

In one year Topigs Norsvin Aim Doroslovo become significant market participant in the swine breeding material producing, close to 5% market share in the Serbian market. 

The corporation have a sire/boar ranch, where there are produced the breeding material, as well from the nucleus population they bred sows which is sold in Serbia.